28 Oktober 2012

Cute Doodle By Little Miss Paint Brush

❤ Good Morning ◕‿◕ Afternoon ❤ Evening ღ Night ◕‿◕

Dapat situs doodle cute lagi...
Ishhk...ishkk... kawaiii sekalllli........!!!!

Kakak yang ngelukis ini orang Filipina... 
dia itu terkenal bangettt... doodle-doodlenya selalu masuk majalah...

Mau lihat gak ???

Ini dia


Tadaa. Presenting my very weird circle of friends (or specifically, our alter-egos). :)
Happy birthday to Ghei, one of the most talented girls I know, and when I mean “most-talented”, I mean “has a huuuuuuge variety of talents crammed in one small body.” :) She can sing, dance, act, play a number of instruments, draw, paint, and she’s also smart. And deep. :D
This also serves as my part in our century-old-art-trade. HAHA. :p
Cheers to you, Ghei! :3

“Socially Awkward Grammar Penguin”

Rinse and repeat. Everytime we go out. 
Him: “You decide.”
Me: “It’s your turn to decide now, I decided last time.”

that moment when you realize that the familiar “theme song”/”background music” of your dream is actually your alarm. happens to me everytime. @__@

The troubles of “keep me logged in”:
1. Forgetting my log-in name/e-mail
2. Forgetting my password
3. Other things
Happened to my twitter and tumblr accounts earlier today. @_____@”

please tie your hair when in a bus. you’re not in a shampoo commercial D: 

Dah... cuma itu yang bisa aku postingin..
karena mau ngerjakan PR lagi..

Tapi, doodlenya masih banyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkk...
cuteeeeeeeeee   & Kawaiiiiiiiiii

Nah, kalau mau lihat yang lebih cutteee  lagi...
visit blognya...

Image Credit  : Little Miss Paint Brush

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