20 September 2014

Snowy Love~

Hiii hooo, fellas.

Yeet, malam minggu akhirnya kembali lagi dalam pelukanku. (?)
Dan saatnya The Sims 3 Time.
Actually, my sims 3 who I play now, was Generation 3.
Generation 1 : Sherlyn Lofreghaw
Generation 2 : DaeKi and Miuna Lofreghaw. 
(But, this generation don't run better. So, I make other generation 2 with other person. But, It's still Lofreghaw Family.)
I take DaeKi with other girl named Marine. 
Then, they both will have a baby girl.
Their baby will has a baby girl.
So, this girl will make a founder of MY LEGACY.
Are u want know name of that legacy?

Maybe, next post~

Today, I just upload some moment of DaeKi and MiuNa when they have been propose 'marriage'
Eheemm... xD

 Hahaha, MiuNa so pretty when dance. Ilhsm ~

OMW, Dae Ki make a mistake.

Oh My Wawwwwww (?)

Sweet moment. I just know, that they both was a young adult now.
Hehehe, I hope they will be faithful couple. But....//

Let's make a snowman for our sign love.

 You are my soul.

Will you marry me?

Yes, I will. :)

See you at next post...
Kbye ;)

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