10 September 2014

Couple Sims 3

Hayhooo, my viewers ...

I always say 'long time no see' because I miss you. all of you
My life more better when I don't complain it.
Stay enjoy...
Even if your mood bad, bad, bad or much bad..
Just walk in your life,
don't  too quick, but don't too slow too.

Okay, that is just opening, 
Then come on with the containing.

All my sims in The Sims 3 was grew up well...
And then they are have big family.

DaeKi was married with MiuNa.
And HanDae married with KaRin.

It's just my scenario..
But, actually some unbelievable moment come.
HanDae like MiuNa. and they were cheating.
MiuNa was divorced by DaeKi. And KaRin was mad at HanDae. So, they divorce too.

Next on,
DaeKi was married with another girl (I'll tell it later)
And KaRin choice life with her boy, ReGan. She didn't want married again.

That is unbelievable scenario.
But, I was make sweet scenario when they both together.

That's it....

HanDae and KaRin. *flat action

*cool action

MiuNa and DaeKi. *sweety action


DaeKi, don't do it, please!  *Lol action

Sweetnya~  *let me sleep in your shoulder, boy

HanDae, sweet bgt. *I can't look at you more close. Because we're not yet muhrim///

*I feel so shy when your beside me.

Just it from me today, hope you like it..
Who's your favorite couple?


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