23 Agustus 2013


Comeback with new fav anime. Actually, I not yet finished this anime. But, I think this anime is very excited. 
I found it from a wallpaper in someone site, and I very curious to watch it.
Okay, let me introduce this movie to you~!

Episode      : 12 episode
Genre         : Comedy, School, Slice of Life, Shounen
Producer    : Pony Canyon, Tohokunshinsa Film Corporation, LIDEN FILMS
Sinopsis      : Cerita berpusat di sekitar Amaya, Iwasama dan Uehara. Siswi SMA dengan Nol Motivasi

And, as I told you that I not yet finished watch this. So, I can't tell you some links to download it. 
If you curiuos too with this anime, I recomended you to download it. 
You can search it in google. Hiii-yaww. 

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