03 Oktober 2014

New Friend | RBW #2

Yeah, this is autumn season. My favorite. 
Because My green tree will change to orang-red. :D

This is autumn, friend.
But, Meela still sleeping. Feaq who woke up earlier want to go vacation to beach.

But, Feaq has one task before it. 
She want to tend government's pumpkin garden.
Eugghh, autumn has many beautiful scenery.  

Yeah, it's time for beachyyyy....
Ouuw, rain was fall. Umbrella, where are you? Feaq bring you, doesn't it?

Wooh, beautiful scenery of beach. 
Sunset in Filli Land, waitttt  meeee~

Feaq just meet with two boys at beach. They name are Wa Fei and Tai Fe.
They were from EXO Family. 
"Um, sorry. Um... Um.... " he sighed.
"Um..? Umbrella, do you mean?"
"Yes, miss...?"
"Um, I am Feaqilla Rainberg-Waffle. Just call me Feaq."

Feaq join with them when rain stopped.
Someone come. Ouwww.. he was Manu Toney.
"Uh, Dad? Aren't you?"
"Yes, Feaq. How are you?"
"I am fine, Dad. Meela too."
"Be good with your new life, Feaq. Dad will support you to be best scientist."
"Not best scientist, Dad.  But, MAD scientist."


The other was go out. So, there just Wa Fei and Feaq.
They were chat.
"Ehmm, boy. Is it true that your name Wa Fei?"
"Yes, girl. Any problem?"
"Em, little. I think its freak name in Filli Land. Actually, where are you from?"
"Oh, other people also think that. I am from Wallsnut Valley. Btw, my name is cool. Do you think so?"
"Waaww. You're from Wallsnut ?! I dream if I can live there. Actually, you're name is freak but cool. haha"
"Yeah. Thank's, girl."

"Okay, my sister call me. I must go home."
"Okay. Thanks for today, girl. I hope, that we will meet again. Btw, where is your school?"
"Oh. I school at Mhilley Filli."
"What? Mhilley Filli? So, you can be my first friend there."
"Wait, first friend there? Are you school at Mhilley Filli too?"
"Yes. My younger brother and I are new student."
"Its great choice. Mhilley Filli will bring you to much desire."
"Yes. Like mad scientist. Btw, what your desire?"
"Good father."

Haha, Aya baru selesain 2 chapter dari Generasi pertama Rainberg-Waffle.
Semoga semangat untuk Legacy kali ini gak bakalan pupus lagi.
Sorry, for my English, temaaannnn!

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