01 Oktober 2014

Lovely Sister | RBW #1

Hello, I am Feaq. Exactly, Feaqilla. I was a girl who separated with my parents. I just live with my younger sister. Just her. But, I think, with her is more than enough.

Hi, this is me. Feaq's sister, Fameela. What? Are you think that I am more beautiful than her?
Hahaha, you almost right. But, I think that Feaq is most beautiful girl in the world.
She is my lovely sister. I can't live without her. 

 Like ONE DAY,

Hoaammm, is very light. Morning day! 
Then, what the heck?
Where my sister? OMG, is she work today? But, today is Sunday in Spring.


Huhh, spring, rainy, fog, and other is my favorit. Because, I hate snow.
I must work because I am older.
My sister must reach her dream. Doctor.
Part-time work is my choice, because I can take many work in a day.

So, this is my motorcycle. My father, Manu Toney, buy it from Hazen Land, our old city.
But, now, I moved with them. So, My sister and I are live in Filliin Land.


This is my hobby. Look trough at sky. I think that I can see a meteor or stars.
Because, I get fund if I can see and collect meteor or stars.

Yuhuu.. I discovered one meteor. I give it name 'Feaqmeel'
Hihihi, Feaq and me.
And, my logic skill is increase. I hope I can be a doctor once time.

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